As you know, a home is probably the most expensive thing you will ever buy.

But it’s so confusing with all these offers……

  • 2% Cashback
  • Discounted Rate
  • €1500 legal fee contribution
  • Variable Rates
  • Fixed Rates
  • €2000 switcher contribution
  • 0.20% discount for life
  • Free House Insurance
  • What’s best for me

Let us make sense of them for you and help you to choose what the best option for you is.

First Time Buyers:

Let us help you through the latest Central Bank Rules – Loan to Income – Loan to Value etc.

How much you qualify for – how the buying process works – dealing with estate agents – documentation required – Approval in Principal – full application process – valuations – dealing with solicitors and so much more !

We will also advice you on your mortgage protection\life assurance requirements & options. Don’t worry – from placing a deposit to getting your keys we are with you all the way.

Have you found about the new Help to Buy Initiative.

Do you qualify ? How much can you get ? What do you have to do ?

Here is a handy guide but feel free to contact us to discuss this further:

Help to Buy Initiative FAQs

Home Movers:

The burning question tends to be “Should we sell our existing property and move or keep it and move?”

This will depend on a number of factors – value of existing property – debt & rate on existing property – potential rental of existing property – incomes – savings – price of new property to name just a few. Banks differ greatly on how they perceive existing properties.

Let us work out all of the options for you.


The one question tends to be “is it really worth it?” Especially with legal fees to be paid – bank valuations and all of that paperwork involved?? In reality – the larger your mortgage – the larger the savings plus some banks will contribute towards your fees.

Why not contact us and let us do the maths for you – if it makes sense then let us help you with the switch – if not, you have wasted perhaps 10 minutes of your time.

Did you know that Central Bank of Ireland research showed that three in every five eligible mortgages stand to save over €1,000 within the first year if they switch mortgage provider, and more than €10,000 over the remaining term.

Investment Mortgages:

Banks are lending for investors to purchase investment properties. The availability of finance will depend greatly on the location of the proposed property.

The maximum one could borrow is 70% of the purchase price.

If you already have a portfolio of investment mortgages and want to look at the option to avail of a potential 10 year interest only period please contact us.

Public Service Mortgages:

Garda members, HSE staff, Prison officers, Firefighters and Teachers are among those Public Sector workers who are eligible to apply for specially designed public sector mortgages, created by certain lenders with important changes that could make a significant difference when applying for a mortgage. Allocations for employee pay scales, overtime and allowances are now taken into consideration. Rates start from as low as 2.4% APR making mortgages easier than ever for public sector employees to get.

What is different about Public Sector Mortgages?

Basic Pay – Basic pay will now be taken as two points up in the pay scale when applying for a mortgage. You will now be assessed with a higher wage on your application.

Overtime – 100% of overtime completed by public sector employees in the previous year can be included in the basic wage.

Probation Period – In the case of probation periods this will include existing public sector employees promoted or transferred on 12 months’ probation.  Whereas new entrants will be determined on a case by case depending on their employment history.

Contractual Allowances – 100% of your contractual allowances can be applied.  This will mean you will be able to take out a larger mortgage if needed.

Gift – 100% of the deposit can be gifted provided repayment capacity is evident.

Maximum Age – The maximum age at mortgage expiry has increased up to 70 and no proof of pension is required and there can be up to 4 individuals per application which will give more flexibility for applicants.

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